Tuesday, July 7, 2009

faces and a first character try

Somehow I always manage to cut off the feet...I guess I make the legs way too long. Just some faces from my sketchbook. The guy in the lower right hand corner is supposed to be the big guy too. I'm changing him though, I think he needs more scars and a bald head. He's from this book I work on sometimes. I only have 200 pages written so far.

housing markets

A visiting artist gave us an assignment to do before he came. He had an illustration job to create an image about the housing market and the bubble that was going on at the time, so he gave us that assignment too. I think we had a week to do 3 sketches and these are two of mine. He liked both of these and they were among his favorites. This would be a way better story if I remembered his name. His illustration was amazing of course and he used Adam and Eve.

Weight Watchers book

I joined WeightWatchers for a while and they gave us these new books that were ugly grey brown. I figured if it was going to be in my bag all the time I might as well make it something I'd like to look at. So here is the cover I made. I drew all of the images except for the Iron Man stickers. Kon, Jack, and Iron Man aren't mine and my nephew Nate drew the amazing octopi and Teddye, my niece, drew the Flying Unicorn Ninja. The rest are mine. I should explain the undead sperms. I do not like Twilight I think it sissifies the vampire genre. I was told that the girl ends up having the vampire's baby...but as everyone knows vampires are the UNDEAD and therefore cannot procreate so she obviously cheated and the poor sparkly vampire has no idea. So sad.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

from my sketch book

Some more sketches from my sketchbook. Is sketchbook one word or two?

Friday, November 14, 2008


I think anime and manga have a bad rap. Most of my friends laugh at it and so it has been a secret love of mine. I don't like badly drawn manga but if it makes me laugh and has a lot of fighting in it I'm sure to like it. I think you can learn and borrow from all art forms and I love how they draw eyes. I haven't really drawn much in the manga style because I think it's best left to the pros in Japan but I did a couple quick drawings anyway and here they are. I'm coming out of the closet, so to speak, and confessing that I love anime and manga. Boy am I brave.

another one

This is just a woman I drew and I don't remember why. It is much easier for me to draw women and I think I draw them pretty well usually. My friends joke about it because I draw them like a guy would. Why not idealize them? I don't think it's insulting unless it's some porno type drawing. Anyway, I will work on men and post some soon. This is an older drawing and I think I drew poofy pants because I couldn't draw knees very well back then. As my friend Dave will testify I draw amazing knees now and they sometimes become the focal point in my figure drawings. Who else can brag about that? Actually that's a pretty lame claim to fame...

An Angel of Destruction

I was thinking about comics and I think I have a good idea for a story. This is one of the characters, at least an idea. I think she'll have long hair eventually. I'll post the comic on my other blog at http://crazydreamcomics.blogspot.com and see what people think.